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Live Monitoring for Crime Prevention

Posted by Rick Charney on Feb 10, 2015

Closed circuit television is a technology that, when coupled with video cameras and live surveillance, has proven time and time again to reduce crime in major areas such as shopping centers as well as apartment and housing projects.

For example, reports came out recently that cities across the nation have been trying live monitoring using closed circuit TV, with quantifiable results. Crime rates in Baltimore dropped by 17 percent because they added obvious monitoring cameras to high crime areas.

In New York City, the rate dropped by 36 percent in a housing project area due to adding in the cameras. Along Fordham Road in the Bronx, the police installed video cameras. The incidents of crime dropped more than 30%. The New York Police Department supports the contention that surveillance cameras actively can deter crime and theft.

In Philadelphia, the drop was 37 percent.

Particular Efficacy in Shopping Districts

Some experts believe that these numbers indicate that the crime reduction works best in enclosed areas which would include shopping districts. This makes sense, since if a potential thief sees that a camera is actively monitoring an area, they are going to be less inclined to risk committing a crime that may be watched, especially if it’s in an enclosed area where escape may be more difficult.

Potential thieves are only going to attempt to break into an area and steal valuables there if they think there’s a high chance that they might get away with it.

This string of studies across the United States provides further proof that live monitoring is an effective method of preventing potential thieves from even attempting such actions in the first place.

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