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Live Monitoring Is an Essential Part of Theft Prevention

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 1, 2015

While it’s true that even the simplest security precautions like alarms can help reduce break-ins, it’s also a fact that having actual live human beings behind a camera to react in the case of a problem makes an even bigger difference.

The government of Baltimore actually recently demonstrated this in a study they conducted about how much cameras and live monitoring impacted the crime rates for larceny in the area affected.

It was shown that in just a matter of a few months, the rates were reduced in the affected areas by between a quarter and a third. This is an example of some pretty clear evidence that criminals respect any signs that they might be caught if they try to break into an area.

The goal of security precautions should always be to reduce the potential of crimes before they even have a chance to happen. It’s reasonable to imagine that if the study had included even more measures, such as speakers that could be activated to specifically warn off intruders, that the effects of the study would’ve been even more dramatic.

After all, no thief wants to risk more than is necessary, and if you demonstrate to a thief that there are not only clear signs of surveillance in a region, but that they are themselves personally observed by live operators, many thieves will think better of it and run off instead.

This way, all property remains with the business owner, and no potential damage to persons or property even has the chance to occur.

That’s why business owners would be well advised to go with security measures that are proactive rather than merely reactive.

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