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Live Remote Video Surveillance Is a Cost-Effective Security Solution

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 26, 2018

Live remote video surveillance technology is becoming more efficient and cost-effective than a traditional security guard service. This solution can proactively monitor multifamily residential properties, industrial spaces, shopping centers, and office buildings to deter crime, which can help property managers attract and retain tenants.

Live remote video surveillance offers many more advantages over security guards.

Greater Site Coverage

Unlike a security guard who can only be in one place at a time, trained live remote video surveillance operators watch multiple areas of a property simultaneously. Strategically placed cameras give operators a more extensive view of hard-to-see areas like dark alleys and building rooftops, which may be difficult for a security guard to watch. Oftentimes, a guard establishes patrol patterns. Smart criminals learn these patterns and strike when the guard is away from a particular area.

Cost Savings

Did you know that live remote video surveillance can cost significantly less than a security guard service? Security guards can’t be everywhere at once. To get that kind of coverage, property managers would need to hire a team of guards for multiple shifts. On average, a security guard earns between $12-$20 an hour. Stealth’s live remote video surveillance solution can cost a fraction of that price, while still covering multiple places at one time.

Quicker Response

Security operators watch cameras in real time. As a result, the surveillance video verifies the suspicious activity as a crime in progress which raises the priority level with police, quickens their response time and increases the likelihood of an arrest.

Less Liability

Another benefit of Stealth’s live remote video surveillance is that operators are able to watch properties during extreme weather conditions. Harsh elements may impair a security guard’s ability to effectively monitor a property. Stealth Monitoring was able to continue watching Houston properties during Hurricane Harvey and update property managers about current conditions, including flood levels, obstructions and any potential dangers.

Live remote video surveillance offers better, more reliable protection than human guards at a fraction of the cost.

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