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Why Should You Use Live Video Monitoring to Deter Trespassing at Your Construction Site?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Apr 24, 2018

Every year people will get injured on construction sites, despite the fact they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. In certain instances, the construction company can be liable if trespassers injure themselves on the property. Even worse, trespassing can lead to more serious crimes like vandalism or theft.

Construction sites can be easy targets for criminals, mainly because many of them lack proper security. They house expensive tools and machinery, but copper and metal supplies are often in greater demand. While theft is a huge concern, the problem is greater than merely the financial losses from the stolen equipment. Companies not only have to pay to replace the equipment, there may be delays while waiting for replacements, which can cost money and increase insurance premiums. What can you do to help protect your site?

Live video monitoring is a proactive construction site security system that can deter criminals and decrease theft and liability issues while protecting company equipment and assets. Trained security operators watch weather-proof surveillance cameras in real time. If they see trespassers, they can activate an on-site speaker warning which lets the unwanted visitors know they are being watched. If the warning doesn’t deter them, the operator can call local police.

UCIT Online is North America’s leader in remote video monitoring solutions and has been securing construction sites for more than 15 years. Our all-inclusive fee includes equipment, software, monitoring, servicing, as well as video review to help you better manage site activities and keep projects running smoothly.

UCIT’s live video monitoring can help deter trespassers, theft and property damage and increase your liability protection. Contact us to learn more about our customized construction site security system.