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Live Video Monitoring and Live Guards

Posted by Amy Hite on Sep 4, 2012

Live video monitoring, as offered by Stealth Monitoring, will be the standard for business security in the future. In addition to installing video surveillance equipment, Stealth Monitoring offers advanced remote capabilities including proactive video monitoring, continuously streaming high activity footage, real time video analytics, protocol customization per business application, and virtual surveillance tours/services. These features make video surveillance equipment valuable and, along with human intelligence, helps catch perpetrators in the act as opposed to attempting to identify after the fact.

Of course, for theft-targeted businesses, such as shopping centers, auto dealers, and industrial businesses/factories (with high concentrations of valuable copper wiring and outdoor assets), onsite physical guard security can be a smart investment in conjunction with a remote live video monitoring service.

Security guards work well in conjunction with Stealth’s live video monitoring security system by:

Providing a Greater Onsite Deterrent

The physical presence of a security guard wards off passing criminals. The challenge is for the guard to be near the right place at the right time and Stealth Monitoring will help inform an onsite guard as to where suspicious activity is brewing. If the guard happens to be on the southeast corner and Stealth is watching cameras all across the property, than the guard can be directed to the northwest corner immediately.

Collaborating with Stealth’s Operators

If trained properly, security guards can work in collaboration with Stealth’s trained operators for optimum observation and reactivity. Where security guards fall short, Stealth steps in; where Stealth’s line of defense stops, security guards pick up.

As they’re only human, individual security guards can only be in one place at one time. If your security guards miss a thief or vandal sneaking in through a back gate, the trained operators at Stealth may detect them from their control center before damage has occurred. Stealth operators try to immediately alert the security guards as well as dispatch the local police. Security guards can be right on hand to control the crime, with the security of knowing police are on the way.

Any medium to large business with considerable assets should consider investing in live video monitoring to get more value out of a CCTV system than just recordings. If you are looking for commercial property security, you may want to consider combining live video monitoring services with onsite security guards. Contact Stealth Monitoring today to build a line of defense like no other to learn more about the latest capabilities.