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Live Video Monitoring Benefits Apartment Complexes

Posted by Amy Hite on Jun 21, 2012

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments are 85 percent more likely to be victimized by burglaries than any other type of housing. Over 95 percent of potential renters look for apartments in neighborhoods perceived to be “safe,” and crime plays a significant part in where they choose to live. Personal attacks and thefts are among the top fears of occupants in apartment buildings.

While occupants can protect themselves from burglaries and personal attacks by taking basic security measures, such as installing deadbolts and keeping all valuables in safes or safety deposit boxes, all the weight shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of renters. While 25 percent of apartment inhabitants arm themselves with mace or pepper spray and 23 percent use light timers and switches to “trick” potential burglars into thinking they are home, there are plenty of things landlords and apartment managers can do to protect their inhabitants.

Recently, an upsurge in the installation of live video surveillance has been charted across the nation. And proactively watching the cameras makes the investment in equipment much more valuable. Live video surveillance services, which are provided by Stealth Monitoring, must be considered when researching security cameras as an alternative.

Stealth Monitoring isn’t your ordinary video surveillance system. While plenty of apartment complexes and public areas use video surveillance, the video surveillance is usually only used after a crime or incident occurs. For example, if an apartment complex using video surveillance is broken into, the landlord can show the tapes to the police in hopes of potentially catching the culprit. But if live video surveillance is used, the authorities can be alerted before the criminal even has a chance to burglarize the area. Stealth Monitoring has relationships with police forces around the country and will alert the local police as soon as suspicious activity is noticed.

The cameras are monitored at all times by professionals, including former police officers or those who have retired from the armed forces who know exactly what to look for. Our main goal is stopping the criminal from ever committing a crime, not waiting until the crime has been committed to catch him or her. Not only can we try to protect your apartment complex from copper theft, but we can try to protect you against all types of property damage: whether it’s burglary, theft, or unwanted loitering, the live video surveillance experts at Stealth Monitoring can help protect you, your tenants, and the apartment complex in which you live.