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Live Video Monitoring Can Revolutionize Security at Multifamily Properties- Here’s How

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Apr 16, 2024

It’s one of the most common issues our multifamily property clients face. At approximately 5:45 in the morning, Stealth’s trained security monitoring operators were alerted to an individual accessing the parking facilities at a Missouri apartment complex and pulling on multiple vehicle door handles. Stealth security professionals immediately contacted local police dispatchers, and officers arrived on site quickly. The individual was taken into custody without further incident. 

In another example of routine security issues at multifamily residential properties, Stealth security professionals observing a California apartment building’s parking garage are first alerted when an individual in a grey compact vehicle pulls up to access doors, pulls violently on them, and then hops back into the vehicle. Moments later, a second individual exits the car and can be seen on surveillance breaking into the community mailboxes- another frequent target for criminal activity. Observing Stealth security staff sounded audible warnings and attempted to contact onsite security, but their call went to voicemail, leading staff to contact local police dispatch. Officers responded quickly and appeared to take an individual into custody.  

Finally, we see another common security concern for multifamily communities- suspicious or erratic behavior from individuals on the property. At approximately 1:40 am, Stealth security operators spotted someone acting unusually inside the building at a California multifamily residential community. The person had a small scooter and was circling through a common space before engaging in what appeared to be substance use. Our alert security professionals contacted the onsite security officer, making them aware of the situation, and followed up by reaching out to local police as well. Law enforcement responded onsite quickly and safely took the suspect into custody without further incident. 

Navigating Security Needs Post-Pandemic in Multifamily Residential Communities 

It’s been 4 years since Covid-19 first rocked the North American economic landscape, and in 2024, multifamily residential properties still face a myriad of challenges shaped by the aftermath of global events, evolving market dynamics, and technological disruptions. The landscape of property management and development is increasingly complex, necessitating adaptive strategies to navigate these hurdles effectively. 

One of the top challenges is economic uncertainty that looms large. According to a National Apartment Association study that looks at top industry challenges, the top concern for property management in 2023 was the need for increased operational efficiencies. Within operational efficiencies, the most challenging activity was reducing costs, as cited by 57% of respondents in the study. Fluctuating interest rates and inflation impact borrowing costs, affecting both developers’ ability to finance new projects and residents’ capacity to afford rents. This economic volatility essentially requires multifamily property stakeholders to be more agile in their financial planning and tenant engagement strategies to help maintain occupancy rates and ensure financial viability. 

Additionally, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence tenant expectations and behaviors. There’s a growing demand for flexible living spaces, enhanced health and safety measures, and amenities that support remote work and well-being. Meeting these expectations requires significant investment in property upgrades and innovations, placing additional financial pressure on property managers and developers. 

Technological advancements and the rise of smart home technologies present both an opportunity and a challenge. While integrating these technologies can enhance property value and attract tenants, it also requires significant capital investment and ongoing maintenance. Additionally, there’s the challenge of ensuring data privacy and security for residents, as more devices and systems become interconnected. 

Ultimately, multifamily residential properties in 2024 are navigating a complex array of challenges from economic volatility, changing tenant expectations, sustainability demands, technological advancements, to intensified competition. Success in this environment demands strategic foresight, adaptability, and a commitment to innovation. 

Protect Your Residents and Bottom Line with Proactive Security Measures 

Ensuring the safety and security of residents is a vital component in the success of your multifamily residential property. Properties distinguished by their dedication to security frequently witness an increase in demand. This attraction is primarily attributed to the sense of security that comprehensive safety measures instill in both existing and prospective residents. Precautions are also crucial in diminishing liability risks and safeguarding against damage to the property. Embracing proactive security strategies, like live video monitoring, can prove to be indispensable in this context. 

Stealth’s cutting-edge solution- our live video monitoring system- is at the forefront of security innovation. By merging analytics-powered cameras with the expertise of professional security personnel, this synergy enables rapid identification and deterrence of potential threats or unwelcome behavior. Once our staff is alerted to suspicious activity, our monitoring operators can issue on-site verbal warnings to deter intruders or stop unwanted activities as they unfold. When these audible warnings are ineffective, our team is prepared to promptly notify local law enforcement agencies for swift intervention. 

The effectiveness of our system is further highlighted by our ability to provide real-time verification of illicit or dangerous activities to law enforcement, often leading to a prioritized response to our alerts. This frequently results in the apprehension of perpetrators, either during committing a crime while they are still on the property or in the immediate area. 

The cost-efficiency of live video monitoring is also particularly noteworthy. Communities employing our system can achieve up to a 60% reduction in security-related costs in comparison to conventional security methods, like onsite guards or security patrols, and often with more consistent results. For a more detailed exploration of how Stealth’s pioneering security solutions can enhance the safety of your community, or to schedule a consultation with a specialist in multifamily security, please contact us today for your complimentary quote. 

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