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Live Video Monitoring: Deterring Scrap Yard Crimes in Progress

Posted by Ray Schenk on Mar 23, 2022

The scrap industry is facing big security challenges these days. Between skyrocketing catalytic converter thefts along with the rising price of metals, scrap yards are quickly becoming a target for thieves.

The following compilation video showcases several times thieves attempted to steal precious scrap and were unsuccessful because we were watching.

Two Trespassers Caught Rummaging Through Items at A Scrap Yard

In this video, two people were seen by a trained Stealth Monitoring security operator inside a scrap facility. They were searching through items near the gate and inside the fence line. Our operator followed the site protocol and called to dispatch police. As officers arrived, the suspects attempted to flee the property. However, they were both immediately apprehended.

Intruders Observed Climbing on Equipment and Scrap Materials

After hours one night, one of our security professionals observed two people enter a scrap facility. They walked around and over scrap materials and equipment while making their way around the yard. Our monitoring operator called local authorities and continued to watch the trespassers’ movements. Responding officers and the property’s contact arrived to search for the suspects.

Scrap Metal Thief Quickly Arrested

Very early one morning our cameras picked up a suspect scaling the fence of a scrap yard. The intruder began to climb on piles of metal inside the yard. One of our security operators had been watching the activity and called police. The trespasser could be seen jumping back over the fence, then searching through items outside the yard. Within minutes, responding officers arrived to arrest the individual.

Police Helicopter Finds Trespassers Trying to Steal Scrap

A little after midnight, two men were seen by a Stealth monitoring operator jumping the fence of a scrap yard. The pair picked up a sheet of metal, carried it into a corner and leaned it against the perimeter fence. While this activity was taking place, our operator contacted police to dispatch officers.

The pair continued to pick up items and take them to their stash in the corner. When the officers arrived, it prompted the intruders to leave the property. However, a police helicopter was called in and successfully located both suspects.

Bolster Scrap Facility Security with Live Video Monitoring

Without an effective security solution in place, a scrap business could lose millions of dollars’ worth of metal to determined thieves. Adding a video surveillance system that is watched in real time can help fortify your security.

Trained security operators monitor analytics-based surveillance cameras to watch for live incidents. The analytics can pick up suspicious activity and alert a member of our security team. Our monitoring operator can quickly assess the situation and act accordingly.

In each of the scenarios in the video, our security professionals called to contact local authorities. Because we are watching crimes in progress, police tend to elevate the priority level of our calls. This helps to facilitate more arrests and mitigate damage and loss.

If you would like more information about our proactive, live video monitoring solution, contact us.