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Live Video Surveillance Can Help Prevent Apartment Car Thefts

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Nov 16, 2018

Does your property experience apartment car thefts? If so, you’re not alone. Thieves often target multifamily residential parking lots and parking garages across the United States and Canada. One city in particular has experienced its fair share of burglary problems.

A few months ago, multifamily apartment complexes near a popular shopping center in San Antonio were getting hit by car thieves. One property has reported 25 car burglaries so far in 2018. Most of these smash-and-grab activities happened during the night. In addition to theft, vandals were spraying soda on parked cars in the area. These beverages are acidic and can eat through the paint.

Residents, worried about their safety, voiced their concerns. One suggested that his apartment complex fix its gates, adding that security cameras would be the biggest benefit. The suspects in this case are still at large and police have no leads.

Live remote video monitoring is a cost-effective way to help prevent and deter apartment car thefts. Trained video monitoring operators watch multiple weatherproof surveillance cameras in real time. This provides a consistent security presence at multifamily parking lots and garages, making it harder for apartment car thefts to occur.

Another apartment car theft occurred in Seattle, Washington. Two suspects gained access to a gated parking garage and attempted to open some of the parked vehicles inside. Our security operators saw the activity and called local police. Officers intercepted the suspects as they tried to leave the property and placed them under arrest. You can watch the incident here.

Apartment car thefts are a common concern across North America. A proactive security solution sends a message to criminals that your property is being watched, which is an excellent deterrent for unwanted activity.

If you would like additional information about live video monitoring as an apartment security solution, contact us here.