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Live Video Surveillance Podcast: Commercial Surveillance Service & the Video Network – Transcript

Posted by Amy Hite on May 30, 2016

Proactive live video surveillance is hard. It’s not only difficult to economically and effectively monitor thousands of high resolution IP video cameras. It’s also a huge challenge to successfully build a video monitoring network and record, store, send, and manage terabytes of video security data.

Stealth Monitoring President David Charney and host Michael Harris of Kinetic Strategies discussed Commercial Surveillance Service & the Video Network in the Time Warner Business Class (@TWCBusiness) podcast How Big Data & Fiber Can Transform your Business.

The podcast topics included:

  • Video Monitoring Network Growth for Business
  • Business Communications & Live Security Monitoring
  • Security Video Performance in an Internet Age
  • Commercial Surveillance Service & the Video Network
  • Business Intelligence & IP Security Cameras
  • Performance & Commercial Video Solutions
  • Strategy & the Surveillance Video Network

Here are edited comments from the podcast.


How has the growth of Internet traffic impacted your home office and your network control center in Dallas? I noticed that recently you had a major upgrade to the Internet capacity there.


We’re measuring terabytes of data moved weekly. We’re measuring petabytes-per-year worth of data movement.

For example typical video cameras inside the local area network are individual 1.3 megapixel cameras and can get up to 10 megabits per second.

Now if we have clients that have two cameras in a baseball stadium, it’s not of much concern. When you have clients with hundreds of cameras, you’ve got to have a pretty serious network at the client’s site.

The video analytic engines that we run at the client’s site are critical to knowing what kind of video data to send back to us.


To clarify that for listeners, it sounds like what you’re saying is that there are huge bandwidth requirements within the customer premise. You have special analytics tools that are able to crunch that video data at the customer’s site, and it’s not all getting back all to your network.


What we do is buy a high quality piece of glass, a high quality camera, and connect that to a high quality network. The video is stored locally on a networked video recorder. We process the video analytics of this high quality video feed with a lot more horsepower locally. That’s where it’s decided what comes home to us [the Stealth control center] in real-time and in a low bandwidth stream.

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