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Loitering, Alcohol and Drug Use in Multifamily Communities

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Nov 17, 2021

Residents choose your multifamily community as their residence because it offers a safe and secure place to create a home. Cost and amenities often influence their decision making as well. If residents are willing to pay to live at your community, they expect to be safe whether in their apartment home, parking lot or common areas throughout the community.

Unwanted, yet often common and repetitive behaviors such as trespassing and loitering, as well as use of illegal substances on your community’s property, can make residents feel unsafe. Deploying Stealth’s live video monitoring security solution can not only help deter these unwanted behaviors, but it can also communicate to current and future residents that your community takes safety and security seriously.

The following video compilation of four different multifamily residential properties with Stealth’s solution deployed shows how trespassing, loitering and illegal substance usage can be deterred, while maintaining safety and security.

Transient Trespasser Spotted Loitering on Community’s Property

During the day, a transient trespasser was seen loitering by a trained Stealth monitoring operator. The trespasser identified a spot to loiter along the perimeter fence line of the community’s property hidden within some trees. Our operator called police.

The trespasser was seen retrieving a bicycle and bag. The trespasser dropped the bike at the loitering spot and brought the bag into the trees.

Two officers arrived onsite and approached the trees where the trespasser was last seen by our operator. A third officer followed. The officers stayed within the trees and then spoke in a group on the community’s property.

Police Called on a Couple Doing Drugs in an Apartment Laundry Room

A trained Stealth Monitoring operator saw a male and a female enter the laundry facility of a multifamily residential community. The female placed her purse on a counter and removed some paraphernalia. Our operator contacted police while the male walked over to the female and took a drink from a beverage can.

The female put a white powder onto a plate. After scraping it into a single row, it appeared she inhaled it.

Two police officers entered, approached the individuals and had a brief conversation. The officers handcuffed the individuals while another officer confiscated the items from the scene. The individuals were escorted out of the facility by officers.

Guy Acting Strangely in the Entryway of an Apartment Building

One of our alert security operators saw a man at the entryway of an apartment building acting strangely a little after 3 o’clock in the morning. Our operator called police and kept watch on the situation. The individual’s body movements were abnormal, and he removed his shirt.

A police cruiser arrived and parked. Officers exited the cruiser and walked toward the apartment building. Police arrived at the community’s door and the man slowly walked away, then quickly returned to open the door for officers. Four officers entered, handcuffed and arrested the man.

Couple Using Drugs Under the Counter in a Laundry Room

Two individuals carrying some items were seen by one of our trained security operators entering a laundry room of a multifamily community. The individuals ducked under the wall-mounted counter and appeared to be taking an illegal substance.

Our operator followed protocol and called the courtesy patrol service, but the call was routed to voicemail. Our operator called police and gave a detailed description of each trespasser as well as the location of the individuals.

Two officers entered the laundry room and handcuffed both individuals. Two other officers arrived to inspect the suspects’ items while other officers led the suspects into police cruisers.

Partnering with Multifamily Owners and Managers for Safety’s Sake

Most multifamily residents work to keep themselves and their assets safe through common daily practices. Residents usually lock their apartment home’s doors and windows. They lock the doors on their vehicles when parked on their community’s lot or garage. They may even close their blinds or draw their curtains at night to prevent outsiders from looking in.

Multifamily community owners and managers have the responsibility to further ensure community safety and security. Multiple owners and managers across North America partner with Stealth to help accomplish this by deploying our customizable, proactive, trustworthy security solution on their community. Our solution helps deter such situations of loitering, trespassing and alcohol and drug use as seen in the above situations.

Stealth’s solution consists of video surveillance cameras, pre-programmed with advanced video analytics. These enable the technology to work in real time to help catch activity, not just simple motion, as it happens. Our trained security operators provide and add the human intelligence element to the solution. When they see the events taking place as indicated by our advanced analytics, our operators know exactly what to look for and the exact moment to take actions to deter unwanted situations.

Our operators can activate onsite speaker warnings, contact on-call courtesy patrol and call local police/authorities as needed. The goal is to deter unwanted situations and behaviors that pose a danger to your community’s residents and assets.

Let your residents know their safety is a priority. Contact our multifamily specialists today to discuss how partnering with Stealth can help accomplish that by providing the highest possible level of security.