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Luxury Multifamily Apartment Crime in New Jersey

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on May 28, 2015

Luxury apartment crime in New Jersey

Earlier this week, a complex in New Jersey reported its sixth burglary of the year. The string of theft attacks began in February, and police as yet are no closer to solving the crime streak. One particularly galling incident occurred March 11 in the building parking area. A 30-year-old resident of the building discovered that his gray Honda Accord was resting on top of milk crates with all of its tires and rims missing.

Residents report a net loss of at least $41,000. And, it’s significant that all the robberies occurred when no one was at home. Besides car parts, items taken include watches, jewelry and a five-gallon water jug filled with loose change, valued at about $1,300.

Some residents of the building told reporters that under these circumstances they feel entirely unsafe at this luxury multifamily apartment complex. It’s not a surprise that they’re telling the media that they plan to move out as soon as possible. Lax theft prevention will hurt both the image and the pocketbook of this luxury apartment complex.

Residents have been informed that a “courtesy officer” will begin patrolling the property’s buildings, parking garages and clubhouse area. Knowing security guards are on-site may provide add some comfort to the residents, but security guards can’t be everywhere at all times.

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