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Luxury Car Theft in Bay Area Dealerships

Posted by Norm Charney on Feb 16, 2015

Two car dealerships were victims of luxury car theft and were hit in two days in two different cities. Bay Area police were trying to figure out if there was a link between the luxury dealership heists. At least 20 cars were stolen from the dealerships in Belmont and San Jose.

Surveillance video from one of the Bay Area dealerships showed seven men breaking into one of the dealerships and stealing five vehicles.

Seven men broke into the luxury car showroom and grabbed the keys to the vehicles they wanted. They picked the more expensive ones and drove off with the cars one by one.

At least one suspect was seen bringing out a board with more than 40 keys to the dealers’ cars. The other suspects joined in as the keys were strewn on the ground. It was obvious that specific cars were targeted. Taken were: Two supercharged Range Rover SUVs, a BMW, Mercedes-Benz and a Porsche.

The group of suspects used the keys to drive away in the new high-end vehicles. The high-priced models were worth more than $200,000 each and with the fewest miles on the odometer. The thieves did not stop there. Authorities said several cars were also taken off the Mercedes Benz lot just down the street in Santa Clara.

Nine cars from the Mercedes Benz dealership in Belmont were stolen, sometime between 1 and 3 a.m. on Sunday. That’s when an unknown number of suspects scaled a fence of the dealership and stole car keys from cars that had been left at the dealership for repairs, according to Belmont Police.

The Belmont police stated that they didn’t know the motive for taking the cars. The thieves required a high level of planning and organization to steal the vehicles.

There were at least nine suspects in the Belmont case because of the number of vehicles that were stolen. Most of the cars were recovered. The Belmont Police and Santa Clara sheriff’s office worked collaboratively to recover some of the vehicles.

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