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Man Hiding Out in Dumpster Enclosure Placed in Custody

Posted by Rick Charney on Sep 30, 2022

There are few places most of us would rather be than in the immediate vicinity of a commercial dumpster, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Even more reason for a Stealth Monitoring security operator to be suspicious when they noticed this: 

At just after 3:00 a.m., a trained Stealth security professional spotted someone accessing the dumpsters behind a California shopping center. The individual boldly walked into the dumpsters’ enclosure and shut the access gate behind themselves.  

Our security operator responded quickly, contacting local law enforcement who arrived on site soon after the call was placed. Once officers arrived, they were seen confronting the trespasser and taking them into custody before leaving the area. 

Help Deter Dumpster Divers and Other Trespassers from Your Property 

Dumpster diving, or even just locking yourself inside a dumpster enclosure may not qualify as illegal activity itself, trespassing certainly is. Whether it’s the mess or debris left behind by loiterers and foragers or the risk to commercial tenants presented by loitering in areas like behind shopping centers and trash areas, the reputation and safety of a property is compromised when these activities go unchecked. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring security solution can help keep trespassers, loiterers, dumpster divers, and other unsavory activity away from your shopping center. Our cutting-edge security solution uses a combination of analytics-based cameras and human intelligence to monitor for suspicious activity as it happens.  

When we make calls to local police we can provide details from the live video feed, which means departments typically elevate our call’s priority and respond quickly. Just as in the video above, officers often arrive while the activity is still in progress or suspects are in the area, which facilitates arrests or dispersal and limits damages.  

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