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Experts Predict Boom in Medical Marijuana in Canada

Posted by Amy Hite on Jul 9, 2018

The United States’ medical marijuana industry is growing at an accelerated rate. It’s not surprising this same trend is on the rise in Canada. In fact, it’s growing so fast that experts predict its value will exceed $1.3 billion by 2024.

Given that information, it’s also not surprising to learn there’s been an increase in the amount of authorized medical marijuana users. In 2002, there were only 477 Canadian residents who had the authority to possess it. That number skyrocketed to 41,384 by 2014. And it is predicted there will be over 300,000 Canadians with medical marijuana licenses by 2024. To prepare for the huge influx, it’s important to understand the current industry and its security concerns.

Before 2014, medical marijuana users in Canada could only buy cannabis from small suppliers or grow it themselves. Users can now purchase medical cannabis from licensed commercial retailers who are closely monitored by Health Canada. According to the Canadian Government website, there are 104 licensed businesses, most of which are located in Ontario, that can legally sell and/or produce medical marijuana.

This increase in medical marijuana use has generated a need for enhanced security measures. Canada has strict guidelines for marijuana security. It includes information for producers and distributors of medical marijuana in Canada, including the need to conduct a threat assessment on their property. Health Canada explained that an alarm system alone is not adequate for marijuana security. There must be physical barriers like barbed wire fences in place to protect the inventory.

In addition to physical barriers, there are digital security requirements which should incorporate off-site visual monitoring, dual-factor authentication and intrusion detection. A remote video monitoring service, like Stealth Monitoring, can help provide some of the necessary security solutions for cannabis dispensaries and shops in Canada. Our specialists can design a customized surveillance camera system that is watched in real time by trained security operators who can take immediate action if they see unusual activity. The system can be designed and integrated with access control, as well as video analytics software to detect movement and intrusions inside the building. In addition to off-site monitoring, Health Canada requires that video footage be stored for two years. Stealth provides video archiving for every customer as part of our world-class service.

The medical marijuana industry in Canada will continue to grow. On an interesting side note: the government plans to legalize cannabis for recreational use by the end of summer 2018, solidifying the growing need for security. Stealth Monitoring can design and install a customized security surveillance system that will keep your investments safe and compliant with government regulations.

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