Mobile Security Versus Live Video Surveillance

Posted on August 28, 2018

Many commercial and multifamily properties employ a mobile security solution to keep their premises and people safe. The patrols officers walk or drive around a property during a designated time frame, often completing tasks delegated by the client. Some examples include patrolling the perimeter of the property, checking locks, monitoring parking lots or escorting people to and from their cars.

Since mobile security patrols only stay at a location for short periods of time, they can be more affordable than having a guard or off-duty police officer constantly on site, and just as much of a deterrent to criminals. However, determined intruders will pick up on a patrol’s habits and schedule, then sneak into the property when the officers have left.

There is still a more cost-effective, proactive alternative that doesn’t compromise your security – live video surveillance. Trained live video monitoring operators watch properties in real-time via strategically-placed surveillance cameras to deter criminal activity before it happens. They can activate an on-site speaker warning and call local police.

One of the biggest advantages to remote video monitoring is comprehensive coverage. A surveillance operator is watching every camera on your property for a consistent security presence. A mobile patrol service, on the other hand, may only briefly stop by your property two or three times during that same time frame.

Another benefit of live video surveillance is that security operators have a better view of a property than mobile patrol officers who can only see what is directly in front of them. Also, their line of sight can be impaired by environmental factors such as rain, extreme temperatures and low light. Our outdoor surveillance cameras adapt to lighting conditions in real-time, allowing security operators to continue watching your property. Weather has very little to no impact on the operators who are watching from a remote monitoring center.

Live video surveillance also includes video review. If an event takes place on your property, either during monitoring or non-monitoring hours, footage can be pulled from the incident and sent to you, saving you time and manpower.

Live video surveillance can be a more effective solution than mobile security. Not only is it a cost-saving alternative, it offers more coverage and additional benefits that mobile patrols simply can’t provide.

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