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Multifamily Community Prowler Tampers with Electrical Box, Gets Caught

Posted by Al Zoricic on Dec 29, 2022

There are a multitude of reasons for ensuring that your multifamily residential property has effective security measures in place. Residents expect that their homes and parking facilities, along with other amenities, are safe and secure places for them to enjoy.  

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of security guards, gates, and other traditional security solutions – sometimes it simply isn’t enough. See what happened when an individual prowling a multifamily community in Seattle was caught on surveillance footage. 


In this video, a Stealth security operator monitoring a Seattle area multifamily community observed an individual behaving suspiciously at approximately 4:00 a.m. After a few moments of additional observation to determine whether the person appeared to be a resident, the individual headed for an electrical box in the parking facilities and proceeded to tamper with it. The security professional sounded audible alarms, as well as contacting local police dispatch due to the nature of the behavior being observed. The startled prowler appeared to attempt to hide behind another vehicle but was quickly located by responding officers, who removed them from the property and placed them in custody. 

Proactive Security Solutions Can Help Deter Dangerous Criminal Activity 

Electrical boxes are particularly dangerous targets for theft. Whether the criminal seeks to access scrap metals that may be found inside, or simply access the power source- any kind of tampering with an electrical box runs the risk of fire, electrocution, and even death. 

Liability risks, theft, vandalism, and other security concerns require innovative security solutions. Live video monitoring is a proactive security measure that can help deter and disperse criminal and other unwanted activity before damages and other negative events occur. 

Stealth’s trained security operators work in tandem with our cutting-edge technology to watch for suspicious and unusual activity in real time. Our analytics-based cameras are designed to detect activity rather than movement. With the human intelligence of trained professionals factored in, our solution allows for a response in real time when something appears out of the ordinary.  

Just as in the case above, our operators can observe and determine when someone is behaving in a way that is a cause for law enforcement intervention, and police dispatch typically elevates the priority of our calls thanks to the ability to furnish them with real-time data and descriptions of suspects. 

Interested in learning more about how our customizable solution can help protect your residents and community while saving you up to 60% off the costs of traditional guards? Contact us today.