48th Attempted DFW ATM Theft — NBC & Dallas Police Report

Posted by Amy Hite on July 1, 2015

As reported by NBCDFW TV - Dallas police are searching for three individuals in an ATM theft that used a champagne-colored 1993 Chevrolet extended-cab pickup to crash into the front of a supermarket along the North Central Expressway around 4:00 AM, June 23.

The driver backed the pickup truck through the front of the supermarket. There were two individuals wearing masks, gloves and hoods that entered and tried to steal the ATM machine.

The ATM theft video given to NBC and the Dallas police was courtesy of Stealth Monitoring. Stealth Monitoring, a proactive live monitoring company, actually watches the premises live 24/7. It was a Stealth operator that noticed the suspicious activity and activated an audible warning and called the police that stopped the ATM theft.

The police arrived within 5 minutes after receiving the call from Stealth Monitoring because this was an incident that they saw live and there was an actual burglary in progress.

As stated by Norman Charney, CEO of Stealth Monitoring, “We’re literally watching motion activity all the time and When we see something we determine with video analytics and human intelligence as to whether or not we think this is criminal.”

Stealth proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime, such as ATM theft, for greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity, activate an audible warning to deter criminals, and call the local police.

Stealth Monitoring is the leader in live video surveillance with over 9,000 watched cameras. Stealth specializes in proactive and intelligent live video monitoring that can significantly improve threat protection and police response. Clients include shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, apartments, car dealerships, schools and other businesses with outdoor assets. They range from large global enterprises to single locations.

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