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Neighbor’s Video Used in Dealership Theft

Posted by Norm Charney on Mar 10, 2015

A Myrtle Beach car dealership fell victim to a tire theft this month. That car dealership didn’t have video cameras or any video footage to provide police after they discovered that five cars on their lot had been stripped of their tires and rims overnight.

So, they had to ask a neighboring business to help them by reviewing its surveillance footage. Perhaps it felt embarrassing.

Actually, the neighbor’s surveillance video did capture the images of three men rolling the tires to the backside of the lot at about 1:30 a.m.

The neighbor’s video camera footage also showed two sport utility vehicles driving from a side street to the rear of the dealership lot. And the neighbor’s cameras caught three unknown suspects loading the stolen tires into those SUVs and leaving the scene.

The victim of the crime said he’d left the car lot about 3 p.m. Sunday. Things were fine then. But, when he arrived to work Monday morning, five of his cars were on cement blocks and their tires and rims were gone. The neighbor’s video camera footage had to supplement what had happened while the dealer was away from his lot.

The rims stolen totaled to $8,100. And, beyond that, some of the cars sustained about $300 worth of damages due to the theft. It was costly for the dealership. And it might have felt embarrassing.

The borrowed video footage arrived too late to prevent the crime. It hadn’t yet solved the crime or led to the capture of the suspects.

Financial loss is only one negative result of a theft. A crime victim also experiences emotional vulnerability and the feeling of invasion. And, there’s also potential for the feeling of embarrassment or shame.

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