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New Jersey Bike Thief Thwarted by Live Video Monitoring

Posted by Jason Lewis on Nov 14, 2022

Despite being one of the most densely populated states in America, New Jersey is the fourth lowest in the nation when it comes to property crime. However, those that call the Garden State home were 1.3 times more likely to worry about their safety on a daily basis compared to the average American. So how can multifamily residential property owners and managers help give their residents peace of mind? 

In the video above, around 10:30 p.m., an alert Stealth Monitoring trained security professional noticed a suspicious individual accessing the bike storage room of a New Jersey luxury apartment community. The individual appeared to tamper with multiple secured bicycles throughout the storage room that clearly did not belong to them.  

Local police were contacted immediately, and they quickly arrived on scene, catching the attempted bike theft in action. The suspect was taken into custody, and the area was safely cleared.  

Keep Your Residents Feeling Secure with Live Video Monitoring 

More individuals work remotely than ever before, and while many businesses have begun transitioning back to the office, many more have seen the benefit of allowing workers to work from home. More time spent at home means safety and security has become an even higher priority for many residents when choosing a place to live. 

Choosing a proactive security solution like live video monitoring can help deter criminal activity and put your residents’ minds at ease. Security specialists design surveillance camera layouts that meet the specific needs of your property, allowing for peak visibility in areas of concern like property storage, entrances, parking facilities, common areas, and so on. Analytics-based cameras that can detect activity, not just movement, are monitored by trained security operators who can take next steps as soon as they spot suspicious or unwanted activity.  

Thanks to the attentiveness and quick responses of our security professionals, local law enforcement typically arrives in time to take individuals presenting a security concern into custody before they become a danger to residents or cause damages.  

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