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Noticeably Impaired Suspect Breaks into Multiple Vehicles at Dealership, Caught on Surveillance

Posted by Curtis Lloyd on Mar 1, 2023

Thieves and vandals looking to gain access to a wealth of opportunities within a contained area are frequently drawn to automotive dealerships. With an array of vehicles in inventory, and most of them easily accessible in a lot that is designed to be browsed by potential buyers, dealerships present a tricky security scenario. Check out what happened when one apparent browser was looking for trouble at this lot: 

Just after 8:15 p.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring a New Jersey auto dealership noticed a silver vehicle driving onto the property and stopping in front of customer-owned vehicles. The audio talk-down alarm was immediately activated, but the individual driving the vehicle, who appeared to be visibly impaired, opened doors to both an RV and another vehicle parked beside it, seemingly undeterred.  

The person wobbled toward their vehicle as the Stealth operator contacted local police, and operators stayed on call with police dispatchers as the impaired suspect hopped back into their vehicle and began to drive off. Officers arrived on site quickly and pulled the person over on the road that splits the two lots, successfully arresting them for the breaking and entering of the vehicles seen on surveillance minutes before.  

Help Reduce Liability Risks and Protect Your Property with Live Video Monitoring 

With liability and security risks across the entirety of a wide-ranging and often irregularly shaped property, the security challenges auto dealerships face requires a unique and adaptive solution.  

Proactive security measures, like remote live video monitoring, can mean the difference between an expensive loss or damages and early intervention that minimizes an incident. Stealth’s live video monitoring solution takes a proactive approach using a combination of highly trained security professionals and the cutting-edge technology of analytics-based cameras.  

Our security monitoring operators watch live surveillance that responds to activity rather than simple movement in real time to detect and determine suspicious behaviors and respond according to property protocols. We can activate speakers at unwanted trespassers and loiterers or contact local law enforcement when needed.  

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