Office Building Thefts in Alabama and Pennsylvania

Posted by David Charney on May 26, 2015

Office building thefts are becoming a major problem across the nation. Here are some examples of thieves taking advantage and stealing from these buildings.

Pennsylvania Office Building Theft

Two individuals were recently charged with burglary in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. The two allegedly stole materials including an electrical control panel, copper piping, and 13 electrical boxes from an office building. The only reason that the two were eventually caught is because a police officer happened to see the pair leaving the area around the building in a pickup truck filled with construction materials in its flatbed at around 4 in the morning.

Alabama Office Building Theft and Car Burglary

A burglar approached someone sitting in their car in an office complex near the Colonade in Birmingham, Alabama. The victim informed the burglars that she didn’t have any money on her. So, instead, the man with the gun demanded that the victim hand over her cell phone and her debit card in addition to the card’s PIN number. Apparently, this isn’t the first time this has happened in buildings near the Colonnade either. There was a robbery just a few months ago in another building as well. Police have increased their patrols of these areas, but the robberies keep happening anyway. The burglars are still at large and are being sought by the police with the help of Crime Stoppers.

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