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Office Theft Costs American Businesses $50 Billion Each Year

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Aug 22, 2018

Do you have an office theft problem? You’re not alone. While many business owners are worried about theft from outsiders, they should also turn their attention inside. According to Statistic Brain, employee theft can cost American businesses $50 billion annually. That’s a staggering number. So, how can you help protect your business from theft?

Buildings.com, a facility management publication, released a security review for property managers, showcasing different ways to deter office theft. Their first recommendation is to work with a third-party security provider. This independent consultant should understand not only general security but the specifics of office properties, including both indoor and outdoor safety measures.

In an article from the same publication, a vice president of a security consultation company said that surveillance cameras are important for indoor and outdoor security. Cameras should be placed in such a way that they have a good overview of highly vulnerable areas. Not only that, the cameras should have enough resolution to be able to identify a face. An office security specialist can recommend the best type of surveillance camera and the most optimal placement to help produce the ideal picture.

For additional security, live video monitoring can be an effective solution to deter office theft. Trained security operators watch cameras in real-time. If they see any suspicious activity they can activate the speaker warning or notify the local police.

Our office security operators were able to do just that. Click the video below to see what happens.

On the exterior of the building, optimize outdoor deterrents. Be sure there are no shrubs that could obscure windows or offer hiding places. To keep vehicles from driving into the building, install security bollards or more aesthetically-pleasing planters. These visual deterrents can be enough of a hassle to keep potential thieves out.

There are several ways to help prevent internal and external office theft. By combining any or all of them, you can increase the safety of your building. If you would like to know how video surveillance can help increase the overall security of your office property, contact us.