Our Stealth Construction Security Experts Will Be at Build Expo Dallas 2021

Posted by Ryan Cox on May 18, 2021

Our local DFW team of construction security specialists from Stealth Monitoring will be in attendance at Build Expo Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center, June 16-17th. We’ll be at Booth 716. We’d love to meet you and tell you about our proactive live video monitoring solutions.

Construction Site Security Risks

With their high volume of expensive equipment and materials, construction sites are prime targets for thieves. Vandalism, fires and liability issues also pose risks. If someone who isn’t supposed to be on your site enters it, you could be held responsible if they get injured or worse. Even passersby’s can be injured by debris falling outside the perimeter of your project. The constantly changing environment coupled with the revolving door of trades also present a security challenge.

A Multi-Layered Approach to Security

To be truly successful, a construction site should incorporate several layers of security measures, beginning with a site security risk analysis. Once it’s determined what the potential risks are, design a site security plan. This plan should contain a checklist, as well as processes and procedures to be followed.

Once those are in place, it’s time to incorporate the layered security measures that will support the strategy. This starts with good lighting and a perimeter fence around the entire project. Finally, our team of security specialists will work with the project management team to design a customized site security solution which meets your needs.

Remote Video Surveillance for a Cost-Effective Security Solution

Unlike traditional security systems that are reactive, a live video monitoring system proactively utilizes a team of dedicated staff to view your site and perform “Video Guard Tours” multiple times per hour. When our operators are not viewing the site they are actively responding to and validating analytically generated alarms. Stealth Monitoring’s solution incorporates both of these practices to help reduce and deter criminal activity.

In addition, our solution includes comprehensive video review and analysis to provide footage from any incidents that occur. We also incorporate real-time system health checks to ensure all equipment is in proper working order. It all comes at a cost that is up to 60 percent less than security guards.

Meet Stealth at Booth 716

We look forward to seeing you at the expo and sharing more about how we have helped construction companies across North America deter theft, trespassing and liability issues.

To schedule your meeting, click here.

If you can’t make it and would like information about our proactive construction security solutions, contact us.

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