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6 Installation Mistakes with Outdoor Security Cameras

Posted by Amy Hite on Jul 18, 2016

A wide range of commercial businesses used outdoor security cameras to protect their properties, assets, and employees. Many businesses owners purchased and self-installed their surveillance cameras at their shopping center, car dealership, multifamily apartment complex, industrial property, and other industrial properties.

Seven self-installation mistakes made with outdoor security cameras


What was the objective for this outdoor security camera? Was the camera needed to identify a suspect’s face? Was this camera needed to provide general coverage or just see license plates? One surveillance camera would not be able to perform all these adequately. The best plan of action was to have several cameras with different objectives. This would have help produce a better quality surveillance video.

Surveillance Camera’s Height

Many customers wanted to place an outdoor security camera at the highest point possible. The highest point meant that it would be able have a wider field of view. The downside of that mentality was that it would not be able to provide necessary video quality for identification.

PTZ Cameras

Customers were often excited by a PTZ (pant tilt zoom) camera’s capabilities. However, many PTZ camera owners forgot to return their outdoor security cameras to the ‘home’ position. As a result, the surveillance camera was only focusing on a low priority area. It was recommended to use PTZ cameras with a specific operator present. A trained operator can search the area with the PTZ outdoor security camera and return it to its home position.

DVR Location

Self-installers sometimes did not secure the recording device. As a result, the DVR was vulnerable to simple tampering. The location of the DVR also impacted wire requirements.


This variable was constantly overlooked. Outdoor security cameras needed adequate lighting for video capture. It was more obvious with nighttime surveillance. Customers sometimes placed the outdoor security cameras too close to bright lights. As a result, it often rendered the video quality unusable.

Masking Issues

Another problem with self-installation of outdoor security cameras was over masking high traffic areas. This led to DVR storage to decrease and retain less video footage. Days or weeks of video would not be saved.

Surveillance cameras were great security assets if installed and managed properly. Security industry professionals consider these variables before installing cameras. As a result, commercial business owners and managers received a custom made installation and monitoring plan.

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