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Pair Arrested After Cameras Caught Unknown Substance Abuse in Apartment Common Area

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 8, 2023

Loitering and drug use in multifamily residential communities can have a devastating effect on the reputation, safety, and standard of living at a property. In fact, in one Spokane, Washington apartment community near Gonzaga University, the situation escalated to death threats against residents and property owners, and even a vehicle fire. 

Early intervention in loitering and other unwanted activities is key. When vagrants, trespassers, and other criminals are aware that they’re unwelcome and that there will be action taken to discourage their behavior, they’ll seek out somewhere less secure to hang out. See what happened when a trio of late-night drug users chose a Texas community as their spot to party- unaware that Stealth’s surveillance saw just what they were up to. 

At approximately 2:30 a.m., a Stealth security professional was alerted to activity in a Texas apartment community. A closer look revealed three individuals walking around the common areas before heading into the laundry facilities. The group enters the building and begins engaging in the use of an unknown substance. Due to the nature of the activity being observed, Stealth’s security operators contacted local police dispatch to relay the situation in progress. Local police and paramedics arrived on site quickly and located the group, taking two of the individuals into custody while the third was directed to leave the area. 

Help Keep Your Community Safe from Criminal Activity with Live Video Monitoring 

When residents choose your community as a place to call home, they have certain expectations: safety, security, the right to quiet enjoyment– and loiterers doing drugs in the middle of the night in common areas and community facilities can have a direct negative impact on these needs being met. 

Additionally, when it goes unchecked, loitering and drug use at your property can have a significant impact on your residents, property value, and ultimately your bottom line. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help deter and disperse criminal and other unwanted activity on your property in real time, as it happens. Stealth uses a combination of analytics-based surveillance cameras and highly trained security professionals to live monitor your property for suspicious or unusual activity, and can respond using onsite audible alarms or by contacting onsite security or local police. High-tech analytics in Stealth’s surveillance allows for the detection of activity rather than simple movement, significantly reducing false alarms and triggers from animals or moving tree-branches. Trained security operators can respond to activity and determine whether audible alarms or police intervention is needed, and thanks to our ability to provide dispatchers with live, real-time details of criminal activity in progress, our calls are typically elevated and police response times shortened.  

Ready to get the details for yourself and learn how our proactive, customizable, and cost-effective security solution can work for your multifamily residential community? Contact us now for a free quote and discover how you can save up to 60% on security costs. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187