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Pair Arrested for Breaking into Vacant Apartment Unit

Posted by David Charney on Jan 12, 2022

Most multifamily communities deal with the same types of security-related issues that can either enhance residents’ living experience or hinder it. Unwelcome visitors, trespassers and thieves target apartment communities because there are more units to plunder and steal from than a single-family home, for example.

Stealth’s remote video monitoring security solution can help deter unwanted incidents stemming from these issues while boosting safety and security for residents.

A little before midnight, a skilled Stealth security monitoring operator saw two suspicious individuals approach a small, fenced area connected to the back of a multifamily community’s residential building. One was pushing a two-wheeled cart of some sort. Our operator called emergency dispatch to report the incident and continued to watch.

An object was handed-off between the two. Both appeared to enter a unit and exited with some items in addition to the wheeled cart. A police cruiser arrived and was parked at the community. An officer exited the vehicle and walked toward the intruders. Two additional police vehicles arrived with back-up officers.

Officers intercepted the perpetrators. One was arrested and the other was allowed to leave the property.

Stealth’s Remote Video Monitoring Helps Take #1 Worry Away from Residents

According to a 2021 State of Safety in America survey, break-ins tend to be the most worrisome property crime that keeps people up at night. This means your residents are potentially most concerned about someone breaking into their apartment home than another other crime. Keeping watch over your entire community at all times is foundational and can be achieved with Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution.

Our customized, proactive live video monitoring security solutions for multifamily communities consists of high-definition video surveillance cameras pre-programmed with advanced analytics. Security specialists can design, place and deploy these cameras on your property to ensure they can capture your entire community.

Our advanced video analytics have many programmed scenarios that the technology searches for until it finds a match or something similar. It then alerts one of our highly trained, remote monitoring operators who take over to analyze the event, make appropriate decisions and take actions to help deter it. Typical actions include activating on-site audio warnings, calling the police while continuing to track suspects and giving in-progress updates to police.

One of Stealth’s unique differentiators is that our security operators are not located on your community property. They work at a remote location. This keeps them safe and able to take immediate action when needed.

Additionally, they can watch cameras that may not be accessible to security guards or courtesy patrols. As part of our service, we can perform system health checks to help ensure the technology is operating at optimal standards. Should a problem be detected, it can frequently be repaired remotely, without setting foot on your community’s property.

As seen in the above video, the community’s system was working properly. This allowed the technology to “see” and identify a scenario of suspicious individuals approaching a residential building. The technology notified our operator who contacted police while the individuals were carrying out their break-in. Our operator continued to keep watch on them and communicate to officers as to their whereabouts.

Stealth is a trusted partner of local law enforcement departments throughout North America. When they receive a call from us, they know a suspicious or unwanted event has been seen and verified. Officers usually arrive at Stealth-monitored properties to arrest suspects before damage occurs.

To learn more about how Stealth can keep an eye on your entire property and help deter break-ins and other crimes, contact one of our multifamily security specialists today!