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Pair Caught Stealing Motorcycle from Southern California Apartment Community

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Jul 6, 2023

With the state of California struggling with one of the top five highest vehicle theft rates in the US, it’s no surprise that residents in multifamily residential communities prioritize safe and secure parking facilities when determining where they’d like to sign a lease. For every 1,000 cars registered in California, 14 were stolen in 2022, and for the 10 states where vehicle theft was most prevalent last year, there was an average 13% increase in this crime. 

Parking facilities can present a hotbed for potential criminal and liability concerns. Inadequate security as grounds for a lawsuit can have a devastating effect on a property, and residents who experience theft of damages to their vehicle and other property may simply choose to live elsewhere, with rippling effects on a property’s reputation and NOI. 

Stealth security operators monitoring a Southern California apartment community’s parking garage spotted someone out of place late night and took a closer look. The individual was observed entering the garage, grabbing a motorcycle, and attempting to drag it up the entrance ramp. Struggling to do so, they engaged a second individual to assist them. Security professionals observing this scene immediately contacted local law enforcement and officers were quickly dispatched to the property. Responding police were seen making contact with the would-be motorcycle thieves and taking them into custody.  

Help Deter Thieves and Other Criminal Elements from Your Property with Proactive Security 

Reliable, proactive, and cost-effective security measures are vital to successfully maintaining a safe and secure environment for residents, onsite staff, and the physical property at multifamily residential communities. Additionally, a security solution that helps protect against exposure to site liability is also critical. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring meets all of these needs using a combination of cutting-edge technology and human intelligence. Live video monitoring provides comprehensive coverage that can respond to, and intervene in, suspicious criminal activity, loiterers, vagrancy, theft, liability risks, or other unwanted activity in real time.  

Stealth’s analytics-based cameras watch for activity, not just simple motion, and our trained security professionals can respond to that activity by sounding onsite alarms, contacting local police dispatch, and even coordinating with existing onsite guards, by providing live, up-to-the-minute details and descriptions. 

With our ability to provide law enforcement dispatch with live data about suspects and locations, our call priority is typically elevated, which can lead to faster police response times and arrests or interventions before significant damages occur at your property.   

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and get your free quote or speak to a specialist and learn just how Stealth can help improve security outcomes at your property. Even better? We can also save you up to 60% versus the costs of traditional guards.  

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