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Dumpster Diving Duo Arrested Behind Shopping Center

Posted by Rick Charney on Nov 16, 2020

In this month’s video, two individuals found more than they were expecting to when searching through a dumpster.

Two suspects, one female and one male, were dumpster diving behind a Dallas shopping center just before two o’clock in the morning. A Stealth security operator was watching and contacted police.

In approximately 10 minutes, officers arrived to question the suspects.

Dumpster diving is a big concern for property owners and managers. While the act itself isn’t illegal in many parts of North America, dumpster divers can be charged with trespassing and loitering. The mess foragers often leave behind after crawling in the dumpster can also be damaging to your business as it could turn customers away.

Then there’s the potential for additional waste removal expenses if people use the dumpsters to dispose of their unwanted bulky items, like furniture and tires.

After thorough questioning of the trespassers, both were placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.

Be Proactive in Deterring Dumpster Divers

You can help deter people from trespassing on your property by implementing a proactive security solution such as live video monitoring. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras in real time to watch for suspicious activity. If they see something, they can act immediately. As you saw in the video, our operator called police who were on the scene in about 10 minutes and able to make an arrest while the suspects were still on the property.

If dumpster diving is a problem at any of your properties or you would like more information about a solution to help deter other unwanted activity at your retail center, contact us.