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Pair on Bikes Tailgate into Secure Parking Facility, One Arrested

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Aug 15, 2023

Multifamily residential communities know that the parking lots and garages where residents, onsite staff, and guests park their vehicles are some of the most frequently targeted spaces for suspicious and criminal activity. Studies indicate that one-third of the crimes committed in the United States occur in parking lots, and the National Institute of Justice reports that just under 10% of all U.S. violent crimes occur in parking lots. 

This is why many communities are designed with secure parking in mind- with gates, access control, cameras, alarms, and lighting in place to help reduce the number of incidents and minimize liability risks.  

Unfortunately, gates and other security measures can fail. Criminals may use methods like you’ll see in the video below- tailgating or piggybacking to gain access to a secure facility. When there are proactive security measures in place, however, intervention is possible. 

Minutes before 3:00 a.m., Stealth security professionals were alerted to two bikers tailgating into the secure parking garage at a Texas apartment community. The onsite guard was immediately contacted and informed of the activity, and she stated she would patrol the area. Stealth security operators continued to monitor the area, and when they spotted the pair roaming around the parking garage, they contacted local law enforcement dispatch to report the suspicious activity in progress. Officers arrived on site quickly and were able to apprehend one of the suspects. Police dispatch requested video footage, in which one of the suspects appears to escape just prior to police arrival. 

Help Proactively Secure Parking and Other Facilities at Your Community with Live Video Monitoring 

As clearly illustrated in the above video, surveillance cameras and gates alone are often not enough to deter and disperse criminals and other suspicious or unwanted activities. Determined thieves and other criminals will find ways to circumvent passive security- strategically avoiding cameras and guards or finding ways around or over gates and fences. While surveillance can sometimes help solve crimes committed on the property after the fact, it’s ultimately a passive security measure without live monitoring included.   

Live video monitoring, however, is a proactive security measure that can help deter and disperse criminal activity in real time. Rather than simply passively recording activities, Stealth’s live video monitoring solution uses a combination of cutting-edge video analytics to watch for activity, and trained security professionals to monitor that activity and act when they spot something or someone out of place in real time.   

Stealth’s trained security staff monitor key areas throughout your property. When suspicious activity is spotted, our security operators can activate onsite audible warnings, which often sends suspects running. When those get ignored, we can immediately contact local law enforcement dispatch, who typically elevate our call priority thanks to our ability to provide live, up-to-the-minute details of crimes and suspicious activity in progress.   

Ready to put our proactive, customizable, and cost-effective security solution to work at your multifamily residential community or property? Learn how you can save 25-60% versus the cost of traditional security guards when you contact us today. 

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