Parking Garage Damage at Residential and Commercial Sites

Posted by Rick Charney by Chris O' Rourke on November 30, 2017

Parking garage damage is a common problem for residential and commercial property managers. Not only can the damage cause safety or liability issues, it can also increase operational expenses and potentially harm a property's aesthetics, value, and reputation. This could lead to a reduction in traffic and tenants.

Gate Damage Compilation at Parking Garages and Apartment Complexes

The first case of parking garage damage took place at the security gate. The driver approached the gate and pressed the keypad for several minutes. When the gate did not open, the driver pulled forward and drove through it. The monitoring operator called the on-site security guard, who arrived and assessed the property damage. The parking garage surveillance camera captured the license plate information. The video can serve as evidence to document the criminal incident.

The second part of the compilation is an example of security gate damage at a residential site. At 1:55 a.m., a sedan stopped in front of the security gate. The driver stepped out and placed a plastic cone on the path of the automatic gate. The driver left the multifamily community. Another driver removed the cone. The security gate appeared to be damaged. Later that day, a woman pushed the security gate open to allow people to enter and exit the residential site.

Property damage at residential and commercial properties is an ongoing problem in Canada. Often, the property damage is caused by burglary, as one British Columbia residential property experienced more than once. As a result, residents felt they were safer parking on the street rather than in the multi-level underground parking garage.

This residential site in British Columbia is not a Stealth client.

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