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Help Avoid Lawsuits with Shopping Plaza Parking Lot Security

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 26, 2017

Property managers should implement shopping center parking lot security measures at their properties Examples of criminal activity at shopping plazas, shopping centers, shopping malls and business property parking lots include theft, vandalism, and violent crime.

Approximately 80% of criminal activity in these commercial properties occurs in parking lots. As a result, many property managers and business owners are faced with liability cases. Lawyers often claim that the shopping centers do not have sufficient parking lot security measures such as increased lighting, video surveillance, and on-site security guards to protect employees and patrons at the shopping center.

There are a few things to consider when you want to increase parking lot security at your shopping plaza.

Risk Analysis Management

It is important for property managers to provide a risk assessment of the commercial property. The risk assessment would include potential security improvements and whether these security solutions are justifiable. Increased parking lot security can protect employees and customers, save money by reducing property damage, and protect the shopping center from liability. Another point to think about is customer safety. If they don’t feel safe, they will shop at a competitor’s location.

Property Layout

One of the biggest challenges in parking lot security is how to limit access to visitors on the property. For example, parking garages and office spaces generally have a security gate. The layout of the shopping center property impacts where outdoor security cameras are placed.

Customers and employees who leave late at night are at the biggest risk. One parking lot security solution is to re-route ongoing and exiting traffic to remote areas of the shopping plaza property. This can help decrease the probability of criminal activity by increasing natural surveillance.

Response Time and Live Video Surveillance

On its own, a surveillance camera video can only be used as evidence after the crime has occurred. It does not increase the safety of employees and customers. To combat this issue, some shopping center properties have emergency call stations to contact security guards or police officers during emergency situations.

These call stations provide immediate voice contact, an alarm, and a light signal. Live digital video or CCTV surveillance can significantly increase parking lot security. A live security camera operator can deter suspicious behavior or actual criminal activity with an audible speaker alarm or call to local police.

Lighting Conditions

Increased lighting at your commercial property is a security solution with multiple benefits. It can increase the field of view and range of outdoor security cameras and on-site security guards.

Additional lighting can deter criminal activity. Criminals do not want to be seen. With proper lighting, they can’t easily hide in shadows or behind anything.

Too much light can negatively impact parking lot security. It’s important to angle the outdoor surveillance cameras away from the sun, headlights, or streetlights while maintaining a clear view of potential crime areas. These areas include parking lots, outdoor assets, and dumpsters.

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