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Parking Lot Skateboarder is Potential Liability

Posted by Mark Mariotti on Jun 30, 2020

Premises liability is a real concern for business owners. The legal concept holds them responsible for any injuries that occur on their property, especially if they were preventable.

One of our Stealth Monitoring security operators saw someone skateboarding on the top of the parking garage of an Orange City office building one Sunday evening. The operator activated the on-site speaker, but the warning was ignored. So, we contacted police. Officers arrived, spoke to the individual and directed him to leave the property.

Property Damage and Injury

Many property owners get upset when skateboarders try to hone their skills at their place of business. These daredevils can damage concrete, stair handrails and other structures. Even worse, skateboarders can seriously injure themselves. According to the National Safety Council, there were more than 98,000 people treated for skateboard injuries in U.S. emergency rooms in 2017.

Deterring Damage and Liability

For these reasons, many property owners choose to post signs prohibiting this potentially dangerous activity. This goes a long way in helping to mitigate liability issues. However, without witnesses or video footage, there is no way to truly prove if an owner is negligent.

Live video surveillance can be an effective way to help deter unwanted activity on your property. Our trained security operators watch cameras in real time, to help prevent damage or theft before it happens. They can activate speakers at unwanted trespassers and call police, as you saw in the video. In addition, our team of video review analysts can pull hours of raw footage from multiple cameras on a site and create a condensed clip of any incidents that have occurred on the property.

Most skateboarders aren’t out to cause trouble. However, the damage they can do to your property and themselves can be devastating.

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