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Pennsylvania Apartment Domestic Altercation Results in Vehicle Windows Busted Out, Police Pursuit

Posted by Jason Lewis on Jul 4, 2023

Multifamily residential communities have a wide array of ways to appeal to potential residents at their disposal- from interior finishes and community location to modern amenities like pools, fitness rooms, coworking spaces, lounges, and more.  

One of the most consistent priorities for renters, however, is security. Residents choose security features that make them feel safe at home, and that make them feel comfortable parking their vehicles and storing their other possessions, with the assurance that they and their property are safe from harm and theft.  

Unfortunately, not every situation can be prevented. When that happens, proactive, responsive, and fast-acting security measures are a must.  

Late at night in a Pennsylvania apartment community’s parking facility, Stealth security operators noticed a black pickup truck pulling up alongside one of the vehicles parked in the lot. An individual wearing an all-black outfit, including a baseball cap, along with a very distinctive purple coat then exited the pickup. The individual then approached a red and black vehicle, gaining access to it via the driver’s side door. Nothing seems amiss until the individual then heads back to the passenger door of the pickup, shed their coat, and returned to the second vehicle- promptly using a baton-like weapon to bust out the vehicles’ windows, all while appearing to be on a cell phone. Stealth’s security staff immediately contacted local police dispatch and were communicating with them directly as the suspects fled the scene. On review it was revealed that the pickup cannily avoided license plate readers by exiting the parking facilities in reverse. Police pursuit of the suspects resulted in an arrest off the premises. 

Help Keep Your Multifamily Residential Community & Amenities Secure with Proactive Measures 

Multifamily residential communities are frequent targets for criminals because they represent a high concentration of possible payouts. Unlocked vehicles, crimes of opportunity, trespassing, loitering, vagrancy, when a property is not secure- criminals will take advantage. 

Live video monitoring can help deter and disperse unwanted and criminal activity before a crime is committed. Stealth’s customizable, proactive security solution uses a seamless combination of technology and human intelligence to monitor key areas throughout your property in real time. We watch for suspicious activity and can respond quickly according to site protocols. The cutting-edge technology of analytics-based cameras allows for the detection of activity rather than simple movement, and the highly trained security professionals observing can determine when intervention is needed. Take the example above- it was a closer inspection of what at first appeared to be normal activity that allowed for operators to quickly act, getting police involved in time to catch the perpetrators while they were still in the area. 

Security operators can sound onsite alarms, which alone are often enough to deter criminals. When alarms go ignored, they can contact onsite security or local police dispatch. Thanks to our ability to provide detailed real-time descriptions and information, dispatch typically elevates our calls’ priority and police respond on site faster. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Stealth can save you up to 60% in comparison to your courtesy patrol expense, contact us now and schedule a consultation with a multifamily security expert in your area.  Texas Private Security License Number: B14187