Pharmacy Security Cameras Did Not Stop Burglars

Posted by Rick Charney on November 10, 2017

Pharmacy security cameras can record criminal activity, but they are unable to help stop or deter it on their own. Pharmacies in Canada and the United States house valuable assets such as computers, electronics, cash, and large supplies of prescription drugs. As a result, they are attractive targets for thieves.

A school bus driver saw suspicious activity at a Tennessee pharmacy. The bus driver attempted to stop the property damage, but the break-in took less than a minute.

According to the pharmacy security video, two suspects broke into the pharmacy before business hours. The thieves used an ax to gain access to the pharmacy and stole nearly $100,000 worth of pain killers. Pain killers have a very high street value, according to local authorities.

The bus driver unsuccessfully attempted to block the burglars from leaving. The thieves have not been caught.

Pharmacy robberies are not uncommon. Thieves stole about $1 million worth of medicine from a drug store in Texas. Proactive pharmacy security monitoring was not reported.

According to the pharmacy security video, the suspects peeked into the store's windows. They disabled the exterior lights. The suspects gained access by picking at the back window until they could pull it out in one piece.

Pharmacy burglars gained access to the building without setting off an alarm.

Pharmacy security video showed the suspects crawling on the floor to avoid tripping motion detectors. One suspect drilled into a safe that housed Oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, and other narcotics. A few hours after the robbery, employees walked in to find a trashed pharmacy. The burglary suspects have not been caught or identified.

According to the general manager, there have been nine break-in attempts at this pharmacy in the last decade.

None of the pharmacies are Stealth clients.

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