Pharmacy Security Cameras Alone Do Not Stop Burglars

Posted by Rick Charney on September 29, 2016

Shopping center property managers, pharmacy chains, and retail store owners must assess pharmacy security as part of their business operations. Pharmacies have valuable assets such as cash and a huge supply of prescription drugs. Some pharmacies are already equipped with surveillance cameras. Their security cameras alone are sometimes not enough to deter crime.

A Tennessee bus driver saw suspicious behavior at a local pharmacy located in Covington, Tennessee. The bus driver attempted to stop the burglary. The break-in took less than a minute.

The pharmacy security video showed two people break into a pharmacy in the early morning. The burglars used an axe to gain entry. Almost $100,000 worth of medication was stolen. The local police said that the stolen pain killers had a very high street value. The suspects left the Tennessee pharmacy in a Chevy Traverse.

The bus driver unsuccessfully tried to block the burglars from leaving. The suspects have not been caught.

Other pharmacies in Dyersburg, Ripley, Union City, and Bradford were also robbed. Live surveillance monitoring was not reported at any of these Tennessee pharmacies.

Tennessee is not the only state with an incomplete pharmacy security system. A drugstore in Euless, Texas also did not report proactive monitoring of their pharmacy security cameras. Over $1 million worth of drugs were stolen during a holiday weekend in this burglary.

The pharmacy security video showed the suspects peeking into the pharmacy’s windows. The suspects disabled the outside lights. The burglars picked at the back window. The back window was pulled from its frame in one piece. The suspects entered the drugstore. The alarm did not go off.

The indoor video showed two men crawl across the floor of the Texas pharmacy. The suspects successfully avoided motion detectors. One of the burglars drilled into a safe. Oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, and other narcotics were inside the safe. A few hours later employees found the drugstore trashed. The suspects have not been caught. The general manager said that there have been nine break-in attempts since she started working at that pharmacy ten years ago.

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