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Police Embrace Live Monitoring with Real-Time Crime Centers

Posted by Amy Hite on Jun 4, 2013

More and more cities across the nation are opening up Real-Time Crime Centers, or RTCCs, to aid city police departments in deterring crime by providing real-time intelligence to field officers and detectives.

Real-Time Monitoring

Metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Austin, and over 10 others have already established and implemented these “smart policing” centers. Most recently, Albuquerque opened its own RTCC on March 1, 2013.

Although the operations vary from city to city, each RTCC typically has a panel of television monitors and a staff of crime analysts, video intelligence and productions workers, a live operations sergeant, and a detective. The monitors show live, continuous footage from public cameras around the city.

Smart Policing

RTCCs use a data warehouse that stores, analyzes, and brings together information from different silos (squads, precincts, units, divisions, and departments) where information is stored. This information includes arrest and complaint documentation, information generated by 911 calls, criminal records, parole files, and more.

A sophisticated reconciliation engine then finds and assembles the pertinent information in context for the RTCC employees. That way, when a field officer calls in the details of a crime or incident, RTCC employees can comb through these analytical databases and provide responding officers with crucial information before arriving at the scene.

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