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Police Security Video: Priority Police Dispatch for Live Monitoring

Posted by Amy Hite on Jun 26, 2016

Four police chiefs and commanders spoke on priority police dispatch at the 2015 International Security Conference. They agreed that remote video surveillance led to both greater security and faster police response time.

The panel – Law Enforcement Explains Priority Response and Verified Alarms was hosted by SDM, the leading security industry magazine. SDM reports video surveillance and other electronic security news for commercial, business, and residential markets.

The police security presentation covered the following topics.

  • Police Chief Chris Vinson, Highland Park (Dallas) TX: Remote Video Surveillance
  • Commander Scott Edson, Los Angeles, CA: Wireless Surveillance System Credibility
  • Deputy Police Chief Paul Calvaruso, Akron, OH: Priority Police Dispatch
  • Police Commander Drake Massey, Kern County, CA: Business Surveillance

Paul Calvaruso was promoted on March 27, 2015 to Deputy Chief of the Akron Police Department. In 2013 Akron had a population of about 198,100. It is part of the Cleveland-Akron-Canton Combined Stastistical Area. Akron experienced over 9,200 property crimes and 1,300 violent crimes.

An audience member asked Deputy Chief Calvaruso to briefly explain the prioritization process at the Akron Police Department. If an alarm was called in and declared verified, how did police dispatch handle the alarm?

Deputy Chief Calvaruso said that if the police department was notified of an alarm, and the alarm had surveillance video, police dispatch would treat it like a crime in progress. The operators at the Akron Police Department were smart people. They have been trained to change their response techniques if a crime changed classifications to a crime in progress.

Two Akron, Ohio pizza parlors show the value of priority police dispatch. Both stores had security cameras. But neither news article reported that the cameras were watched live with immediate dispatch.

In the first incident a pizza store thief walked into a chain store at about 3pm. He pulled out a gun. He forced one worker to open the cash register. The thief demanded the rest of the workers get on the floor.

A second Akron pizza incident led to a murder. An employee was closing up when an intruder came in and demanded money. The employee gave him the money in the register. The criminal shot the worker in the stomach who later died at the hospital.

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