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Police Security Video: Wireless Surveillance System Credibility

Posted by Amy Hite on Jun 6, 2016

Four police chiefs and commanders spoke on the importance of wireless surveillance system use at the 2015 International Security Conference. They agreed that remote surveillance led to both greater security and faster police response time.

The panel – Law Enforcement Explains Priority Response and Verified Alarms was hosted by SDM, the leading security industry magazine. SDM reports wireless video surveillance and other electronic security news for commercial, business, and residential markets.

The police security presentation covered the following topics.

  • Police Chief Chris Vinson, Highland Park (Dallas) TX: Remote Video Surveillance
  • Commander Scott Edson, Los Angeles, CA: Wireless Surveillance System Credibility
  • Deputy Police Chief Paul Calvaruso, Akron, OH: Priority Police Dispatch
  • Police Commander Drake Massey, Kern County, CA: Business Surveillance

Commander Scott Edson represented Los Angeles California. Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the United States. Los Angeles encompasses more than 80 districts and neighborhoods.

The crime rate of Los Angeles rose in all categories from 2014 – 2015 for the first time in a decade. The biggest increase was from violent crime which went up 19.9% in one year. Property crime increased 10.3%.

An audience member asked if there have been any situations where wireless surveillance system videos or other technologies were used to verify an alarm. He also asked if it was successful and accepted within Edson’s precinct.

Edson responded that Los Angeles’s wireless surveillance system had definitely worked. There were situations when the police received video and did not have to look at it. They only needed proof of the criminal activity. Once it was confirmed (whether by a wireless surveillance operator or a police operator), the police proceeded to respond to it.

One instance led to a helicopter being dispatched and the suspects caught and arrested.

Commander Edson believed that wireless surveillance system video was important. It worked well for his precinct, because it led to suspects being caught. It brought more credibility to the alarm itself.

He stressed two of the biggest issues with alarms were the amount of false alarms and bad contact information. Wireless surveillance solutions brought credibility to alarms because it was more vetted, verified, and helped prioritize crimes.

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