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Potential Disaster Averted After Live Surveillance Captures Fire-Starter at Apartment Community

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Mar 22, 2023

Housing hundreds, even thousands of people in multifamily residential communities comes with immense liability concerns. Negligent security claims can create a myriad of issues for your bottom line, including insurance costs, reputation damages, lower occupancy rates- the list goes on and on. 

Effective and proactive security measures can help deter and disperse issues before they cause expensive damages or create additional risks.  

In the above video, at roughly 1:30 in the morning, Stealth security professionals caught sight of someone out of place near the dumpsters at a California apartment community. Taking a closer look at the individual, they realized that the person was loitering in the area. Operators kept watch, and the individual appeared to start a fire. Audible warnings were immediately sounded, and the operators contacted local police dispatch to inform them of the activity. The fire-starter appeared to leave the area before officers arrived, however, in a matter of minutes after our call, a police officer was seen patrolling the area and extinguishing the fire before it could spread.  

Help Maintain a Secure Environment for Your Residents and Property with Live Video Monitoring 

Residents’ sense of security and safety are vital components of a successful multifamily residential property. Safety is a driver for many residents when choosing a property- so a well-maintained, safe, secure community helps drive maximized rental rates, lowers vacancy rates, and minimizes exposure to liability risks. 

The damages caused by a fire at a multifamily community could prove astronomical. From loss of life and property alone the risks are potentially devastating. Thankfully in this case, the property owners had chosen to partner with Stealth and implement our live video monitoring security solution. 

Live video monitoring is a proactive security measure that doesn’t wait for criminal activity or damages to occur before taking action. Our combination of cutting-edge video analytics-based cameras and trained security professionals monitor multiple locations throughout your property simultaneously, watching for suspicious or unwanted activity rather than simple movement.  

Just as in the case above, when our trained operators spot something or someone out of place, they can take a closer look, and respond when necessary. Thanks to our ability to provide police dispatch with real-time details and descriptions, officers typically prioritize our calls, arriving onsite quickly, and reducing potential harm or damages.  

Learn more about Stealth’s proactive, cost-effective security solutions by contacting us today for details. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.