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Does Live Proactive Video Surveillance Prevent Crime?

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 12, 2015

Current proactive video surveillance systems look more like something out of a James Bond movie than a crime deterrence catalog. Today cameras can be placed in nearly any location. Camera networks can be accessed and monitored from virtually anyplace at any time over the Internet.

The Benefits of Live Proactive Video Surveillance

Live proactive video surveillance provides two advantages to businesses who use it; a record of what happened and crime deterrence. A deterrent only works if people know they’re being watched and they’re confident that the personnel on the other end of the cameras are going to act in the event a crime is seen. The Department of Homeland Security actually did a study confirming this. The study tracked the rates of crime in areas that received new security cameras. It found that reductions only occurred in areas where those cameras were actively watched and the feeds in them were used to prevent crime from happening. Installing a proactive video surveillance system is definitely a step in the right direction. But its effectiveness is limited if nobody is watching your cameras.

What System Will Work Best For Me?

Choosing a live proactive video surveillance system is not a decision that a business should take lightly. You need to determine not just the kind of cameras and monitoring, but a hundred other decisions that can all affect your security system’s effectiveness. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with security experts before setting up a proactive video surveillance system. Make sure that you have all of your bases covered and contact Stealth Monitoring to speak with a security consultant. Stealth will work with you to develop a comprehensive security plan that includes design, assessment, pre-configuration, technical network tables, wireless equipment, strategic camera locations, customized monitoring protocol, and high quality installation.