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How Can I Prevent Construction Site Property Damage During Severe Weather?

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 2, 2018

Construction site property damage can increase project time and overall costs. The tools, equipment, supplies, and work already in progress can be impacted by severe weather like extreme winds, heavy rain, ice, and snow. As a result, construction companies can lose millions of dollars due to damages and delays. It’s important for construction property management companies to take initiative and stay up-to-date on current and future weather conditions. One of the best things a firm can do is to make preparations.

Top Ways To Guard Your Project Against Property Damage

Extreme Wind

Property damage caused by extreme wind usually involves masonry walls, framework, and roof coverings. Construction site managers can work with specialists to evaluate a property’s wind exposures to reduce risk, delay, or damage.

Construction site building components should be braced and inspected based on engineering design or manufacturer guidelines and regulations. Roof panels can be anchored to partially installed roofs. Decking should be welded or secured every day. If there are large holes or gaps for windows and doors in the building, those should be covered with tarp.

Loose materials like sand, top soil, and mulch can blow away in extreme wind and may be covered with tarp or sprayed with water to prevent erosion. It is also important to secure larger materials such as metal sheets or plywood that can become projectiles and cause property damage or physical harm.


Hurricanes can cause disastrous property damage, but they can also be anticipated. If the construction site is in an area that is prone to hurricanes, it is important to perform an assessment to identify potential exposure to winds and flooding. Project sites that are located near bodies of water should create a hurricane contingency plan to help guard against loss and damage associated with winds, mud, flooding, and theft.

Remote Video Monitoring

Our construction site security solution can safely watch your project site from one of our remote video monitoring centers. Trained monitoring operators can safely assess a property’s condition or notify a contact person of property damage or any safety concerns. Today’s outdoor security cameras are durable and designed to handle severe winds, excessive rain, and extreme temperatures. The recorded surveillance video can also help when filing insurance claims.

Protect your site and project timeline with a comprehensive contingency plan, complete with live video monitoring.