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How to Protect Yourself from Holiday Crime and Theft

Posted by Rick Charney on Nov 17, 2017

Holiday crime is a problem for shopping centers, shopping malls, and other retail properties in Canada and the United States. According to a veteran police officer, thieves often target women and senior citizens because they assume these groups won’t retaliate. Criminals usually break into properties and cars where they think they won’t be confronted or stopped, such as warehouses and isolated parts of shopping centers.

From November 28 to January 1, criminals committed over 400 crimes at the seven largest malls in the Portland, Oregon area. Holiday crime is not restricted to Portland. Thieves stole more than 1,000 gifts from a homeless shelter in New York. The gifts were going to be distributed to local homeless children.

The veteran police officer said criminals are opportunists. They look for any weakness to exploit on a commercial property. There are some preventative measures that can help decrease the likelihood of holiday crime at your property.

Commercial security and law enforcement specialists can both agree that noise and lights are accessible and easy crime deterrents. Audble warnings and bright lights can send common thieves away from your site.

Another way to decrease holiday crime is to install high-quality, durable locks. Theives can easily break a simple and flimsy lock.

A remote video monitoring service can help protect your shopping plaza and industrial warehouse from holiday crime, vandalism, and theft. Trained surveillance operators watch your property remotely in real-time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate an on-site speaker. If the situation escalates, they call an on-site security guard or local police.

The veteran police officer said it is important to take proactive measures and stay alert against holiday crime. He recommends not leaving valuables in sight that might tempt thieves.

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