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Protecting Your Auto Dealership Business and Employees

Posted by Norm Charney on Mar 15, 2015

Crime prevention is essential when it comes to protecting your inventory and potential profit. Car dealerships are easy targets for theft as well as vandalism. Parking lot security cameras are a must.

Some dealerships have stationary camera surveillance and security guards to watch over the premises. Stationary camera surveillance may help if it records the theft or vandalism on video. But even if an incident is caught on video from parking lot security cameras, it may not be clearly visible or focused enough to view. If a security guard happens to view and attempt to deter intruders, there is a potential for the guard to be threatened or injured. Security guards add a huge and expensive liability in insurance premiums for inventory and employee protection to a dealership owner.

For example, as reported in the Randfontein Herald, a security guard at a used car dealership was personally robbed by two armed men and took off with a car belonging to the dealership. The culprits were carrying firearms which was an additional threat to the security guard.

The above dealership is not a Stealth Monitoring client. Stealth Monitoring live video surveillance and trained employees can view your property in real-time. Cameras can be set up to watch various parts of your dealerships with indoor surveillance and parking lot security cameras. Stealth proactive video monitoring can activate an alarm when suspicious activity is witnessed. In some instances, the audible alarm could deter the vandalism or theft. Also, Stealth operators can call the local police and inform the authorities of the location of the vandals. This could deter crime before it occurs.

Please contact Stealth for more information regarding how Stealth Monitoring live surveillance can help reduce crime and theft at your dealership, apartment complex, shopping center, office and industrial complex, or other property.