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Public Urination Behind Business Complex

Posted by Eric Nauta on Nov 2, 2020

You never know what goes on at your commercial property when you’re not there, but we do.

In this video, a Stealth security operator saw a car drive behind a Texas business complex. The vehicle then backed into a parking spot between other cars. What happened next is hard to see in the video. The female passenger exited the vehicle and urinated in the parking lot. She then re-entered the car and climbed into the backseat with the male driver. Our monitoring operator contacted police and continued to keep an eye on the suspects.

Officers arrived and questioned the couple. The male was taken into custody. The woman was released.

How Can Trespassing Affect Your Property?

The definition of trespassing is knowingly entering another’s property without permission. While the act itself isn’t illegal in every case, it can lead to other more egregious crimes such as vandalism and theft. In some states, criminal trespass can be charged as a felony.

Trespassing can also impact how others feel about the property. For example, if your building has been damaged or vandalized, or there are individuals loitering outside, the people who work inside or do business there could feel unsafe. If they feel unsafe, they could opt to move their business elsewhere.

The security of a building should start with the perimeter. After all, before the assets on the inside can be protected, the outside borders need to be secure. To truly be effective, perimeter security must be proactive rather than reactive. A passive solution can delay an intruder, but there’s no way for authorities or the property owner to know if or when someone is on the premises until it’s too late.

How to Help Deter Trespassers

Live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help deter crime before it happens. Trained security operators can analyze movement picked up by analytics-based surveillance cameras. If they see something suspicious, they can act immediately. That means activating an on-site speaker warning letting the trespassers know they are being watched and contacting police.

Parking lots, parking garages and the perimeters of many commercial properties are often too large for one person to patrol. While the guard is on one side of the property, a crime could be taking place somewhere else. Live video monitoring operators can watch multiple areas simultaneously and often from vantage points not easily accessible for a guard.

Unusual loitering and trespassing can lead to other undesirable behavior like illegal dumping, theft, vandalism and ultimately a negative perception of your property. For more information about live video monitoring for your commercial property, contact us.