Top Remote Surveillance Techniques

Posted by Amy Hite on January 15, 2018

Remote surveillance techniques have made impressive strides in the last few years. These techniques have given way to smarter and more effective live remote monitoring. Many commercial properties, from shopping centers to industrial properties, have taken advantage of the advancements in remote surveillance.

These are the most common remote surveillance benefits.

Better Quality Images

Video quality and image capabilities continue to improve in outdoor surveillance cameras. With optimal lighting, remote video operators can see important details in real-time, such as physical identifying features and license plates. Additionally, police can use the video for evidence when investigating cases.

Video Analytics

Modern remote surveillance cameras are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software. Remote monitoring operators are notified about suspicious movement immediately by the surveillance cameras. Video analytics uses masks that will disregard insignificant activities such as a bird or the movement of a tree branch. Outdoor security cameras can also automatically change settings based on the lighting conditions, which helps live remote surveillance operators see the activity.

Another technological advancement with remote surveillance cameras has been the ability to self-diagnose problems. In the past, when there was an error with an outdated security camera, nobody knew about it until it was too late. Today, a security camera may be able to correct its own issues automatically. If the surveillance camera is unable to repair itself, an alert is sent to the remote monitoring control center. The problem can often be corrected remotely, however a technician will be sent if needed.

Integrated Audio Solutions

Modern remote surveillance systems incorporate audio solutions with their cameras. An audible warning is activated remotely if a trained operator sees suspicious activity. The warning can temporarily engage the suspect and deter him from criminal activity.

Remote surveillance technology can help decrease crime rates and increase a property manager's bottom line.

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