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Remote Video Monitoring vs Mobile Security Patrol: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Posted by Steve Mansell on Aug 9, 2018

It is common for construction and renovation sites to employ a mobile patrol service to keep its community safe. These patrols will visit a property at random or scheduled times to carry out whatever tasks are designated by the client. This could be driving or walking around the perimeter of the property, performing building checks to ensure everything is locked, and even monitoring the parking lot and escorting people to and from their cars.

Since mobile patrol officers “pop by” for a few minutes at a time before moving on, this solution is typically more affordable than hiring an on-site guard. However, this same benefit can also be a detriment since the property is left without a human security presence for a specified amount of time. More determined criminals can use this to their advantage and strike when the patrol officers leave the premises.

Fortunately, it is possible to elevate the security of a mobile patrol service without having to raise your costs Remote video monitoring is a proactive solution combining security cameras, video analytics and trained operators in remote monitoring centers who watch your property in real time to deter trouble before it happens. Potential threats are seen by the cameras and immediately analyzed based on predetermined criteria. If the activity falls outside of the set parameters, the trained operator is alerted and can take immediate action. That can consist of activating a speaker warning or calling local authorities.

In one eight-hour shift, a trained operator is watching every camera on your property the entire time for a comprehensive and consistent security presence. During that same eight-hour shift, a mobile patrol service might pop by twice to monitor for 15-20 minutes at a time and can only see the area that is in front of him/her.

Video monitoring also includes 24/7 video review. If an event occurs on your property at any time, a team of analysts can comb through hours of raw footage from multiple cameras, analyze if and find the exact incident you need, saving you valuable time. A mobile patrol solution typically doesn’t offer this service.

In addition, remote video monitoring will check your system several times a day to ensure it is working properly and to limit downtime. A majority of the problems can be fixed remotely, without having to send anyone to your property.

In a side-by-side comparison, remote video monitoring is more cost-effective and provides more comprehensive coverage than a mobile patrol service. It offers video review, consistent security presence, system health checks, real-time audio deterrents, and the ability to watch multiple areas of your property at one time. How many mobile patrol services can do all that?

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