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Remote Video Surveillance in Gated Communities

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Jun 21, 2012

Remote video surveillance is becoming a necessity in gated communities across the country. From young couples to wealthy families and retirees, countless buyers and renters seek out gated communities for their homes. Of course, most of these prospective residents are drawn to gated communities for the sense of security ensured by their spear tipped gates and physical security guards stationed at the entrance.

Unfortunately, after signing their leases, many of these proud new residents discover that theft and property damage is a reality despite white picket fences and friendly neighbors. Gated communities regularly open their doors to guests and delivery providers, and one must ask how committed to protecting a community a $15/hour security guard will be.

After experiencing extensive property damage in more than 800 homes, several gate entrances, and pool and recreation areas, the Vineyard Subdivisions gated community, located just outside of San Antonio, decided it needed to step up its security measures. In response to the vandalism, trespassing, and damage, President of the Vineyard’s homeowners association, Jeffrey Kahl, has stated, “Security was not having the authority we needed and wasn’t going to prevent anyone from causing damage. It was almost a joke.”

After researching and discussing their options, the Vineyard’s homeowners association board decided to install live video monitoring, including IP megapixel cameras, around gate entrances and recreation spaces. Kahl has observed enormous benefits since implementation of live video monitoring. The cameras have helped to catch perpetrators and even to keep residents in line. Kahl recounts a specific occurrence: “One person that accidentally rammed the gate, because of the cameras, called in and told us that they had done it.” The live monitoring ensured proactive security to act on any camera disturbances, and a audio speaker system accompanied by strobe lights would scare off intruders by informing them of the monitoring system and its connection to authorities.

Another concern of homeowners in gated communities is that of HVAC theft, discussed by Stealth Monitoring Sales Manager, Rick Charney, in this article.

Kahl admits that live video monitoring was a considerable financial undertaking but believes that the costs saved in property damage more than compensates for the investment. “It became apparent quickly that this system would be significantly less expensive than a roving guard patrol and was more effective in preventing and mitigating vandalism.

Every HOA with at least 100 homes experiences some type of security concerns and virtual surveillance services must be a considered alternative. Whether you’re a member of a gated communities’ homeowners association or a concerned resident, you may want to look into live video monitoring for optimum protection of your neighborhood. Contact Stealth Monitoring today for more information about remote video security and telephone entry systems.