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Residential Parking Garage Lurker Busted on Camera

Posted by David Charney on Feb 2, 2023

Car theft, vandalism, and garage prowling are a concern no matter where a building is located, and when you’re the property manager of a multi-family residential space, you know your residents expect their vehicles to be safe in resident parking facilities. Security concerns can never be completely resolved – but there are measures that can be taken to help reduce risks and diffuse issues more quickly. 

At 2:32 am, a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted someone breaking into and accessing the parking facilities of an apartment community. After making it inside, the person approached several vehicles, potentially searching for visible valuables. The audible alarms were activated, and operators attempted to contact the on-site security officer. While on-site security was unable to be reached, local police were dispatched due to the extremely suspicious behavior being observed by the live video monitoring operator. As seen in the video, the responding officers were then observed taking the individual who had been seen lurking around the facilities into custody.  

Help Deter Prowlers and Thieves from Your Residential Facilities 

How quickly law enforcement responds to any issues, how seriously calls are taken, and how often security issues escalate are all things people may research before choosing a community to live in.  These factors come into play when multifamily communities have safety and security in mind. When residents don’t feel secure in their communities, they may choose not to stay.  

When Stealth Monitoring operators are watching live video of a crime or potential suspicious activity in progress, they can quickly relay that information to local law enforcement. Responding officers frequently arrive on-site before persons of interest leave the scene, which can mean an arrest, a dispersal of potential danger to residents, or minimized damage to property.  

This is why so many multifamily communities are turning to live video monitoring as a part of their security: it’s a proactive solution. With a combination of advanced video analytics and human intelligence, Stealth Monitoring can help to deter losses and damages before they happen. Just as in the video above, our trained security professionals are watching surveillance camera feeds in real time, allowing them to spot suspicious activity as it’s happening, and evaluate whether to escalate their concerns to local police.  

Auto thefts are on the rise, and parking facilities seem like an opportunity to gain access to numerous vehicles for an enterprising criminal – or so they may think. With live video monitoring officers can be informed and at the scene quickly. If you’re interested in learning more about how our services for multifamily communities can benefit your property, contact us now for more information.