Retail Security Cameras Don’t Prevent Million Dollar NYC Fur Theft

Posted by Rick Charney on January 3, 2017

Retail security cameras didn't stop a smash and grab fur coat theft at a high-end shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. The victimized New York boutique had surveillance cameras for fur coat security. Live monitoring was not reported during the holiday weekend. With live video surveillance remote operators can see suspicious activity, play audio speaker warnings to help deter crime, and call police while suspects are on the property and may not have yet broken in or stolen expensive goods.

Retail security cameras showed the first suspect threw a large piece of granite through the glass door. According to the surveillance video, two other suspects participated in the fur coat theft. One suspect was hit in the head by debris. This fallen object did not deter the holiday thieves.

The criminals entered the Manhattan boutique store and focused on the high end coats. Mink scarves and jackets were left on the rack. The first two burglars stole fur coats and left the Manhattan boutique in 35 seconds. 12 seconds later, the third thief left the high-end shop with his stolen goods.

About 20 fur coats have been identified so far. The store manager said that burglars knew what they were doing. The expensive sable and chinchilla coats were targeted. Several of the stolen fur coats were Russian sable. Russian sable coats were valued as high as $200,000.

The New York City shop owner said that Russian sable coats fetch high prices. These furs are light weight, very warm, and extremely luxurious. This was the first time that the owner was burglarized. The Manhattan boutique owner said this may have been the largest fur coat theft in New York City.

Other New York fur coat thefts occurred in 1991 and 1950. In 1991, a four-member heist group robbed various furriers in a span of several months. The value of the stolen furs exceeded $1 million. Their string of fur thefts forced Manhattan furriers out of business.

In 1950, two fur company executives and an accomplice were charged in a fur coat theft scheme that diverted more than $10 million worth of stolen furs.

There are several types of animal furs currently on the market. They vary in price and prestige.

  • Sable Fur Coats
  • Rabbit Fur Coats
  • Mink Fur Coats
  • Fox Fur Coats
  • Beaver Fur Coats
  • Raccoon Fur Coats
  • Chinchilla Fur Coats
  • Fox Lynx Fur Coats
  • Coyote Fur Coats
  • Lamb Fur Coats

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